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AXiS Series - True In-Phase Speakers

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With AXiS Speaker technology the woofer and the tweeter work perfectly in phase at all angles, for the
most natural, realistic studio-like sound reproduction. Enjoy optimum music experience regardless of
w here you sit in a vehicle.

True In-Phase Technology:
Unlike most car speakers, the Axxera AXiS series features a uniqueacoustical design. The tweeter is
horn-loaded through the woofer voice coil so that the two work perfectly in-phase at all angles as well
as improving overall efficiency. This unique alignment allowsthe speakers to produce the most natural,
realistic studio-likesound regardless of listening position.

Significantly louder than traditional speakers:
Thanks to their super-efficient design requiring less amplification, these speakers vs. standard speakers
are significantly louder atthe same volume level.

Built-in Tweeter Protection Circuit:
The tweeter has a built-in circuit that reduces the power to the tweeter at the first sign of a distorted
signal - protecting the speaker from damage.

Omnidirectional Sound Dispersion:
The AXiS speakers deliver wide and even sound for an optimum listening experience regardless of
where you are in a vehicle.

Specifications AXS609 AXS612 AXS514
Size 6" x 9" 6.5" 5.25"
Type 2-Way In-Phase 2-Way In-Phase 2-Way In-Phase
RMS Power 100 Watts 60 Watts 45 Watts
Peak Power 650 Watts 400 Watts 300 Watts
Woofer (in.) 6" x 9" 6.5" 5.25"
Compression Tweeter Horn-Loaded PEI Horn-Loaded PEI Horn-Loaded PEI
Tweeter (in.) ½" (13mm) ½" (13mm) ½" (13mm)
Sensitivity (dB) 97 94 92
Impedance 4-ohm 4-ohm 4-ohm
Frequency Resposnse 45Hz - 18kHz 60Hz - 18kHz 65Hz - 18kHz
Cutout Diameter 6.06" x 8.74" 5.63" 4.57"
Mounting Depth 3.54" 2.17" 2.32"

• In-line 6dB high-pass filter with integrated tweeter protection
• Coated cloth surrounds
• Stamped steel baskets
• Treated paper cones for softer, more accurate and natural sounding music reproduction
• 1” Polymer voice coil
• AXS612 - Includes multi-fit adapter rings to fit smaller 6" holes found in many imports
as well as oversized 6 ¾" openings

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AXiS Series Speakers AXiS Series Speakers