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AS Series
6.5" Component Speakers
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Specifications AS65C
Size 6.5"
Type Component
RMS Power 65 Watts
Peak Power 200 Watts
Woofer (in.) 6.5"
Tweeter (in.) 1" (25mm)
Voice Coil 30mm KSV
Sensitivity 98dB
Impedance 4-ohm
Tweeter Mounting Options Flush, Surface and Right Angle
Frequency Resposnse 20Hz - 20kHz
Mounting Hole Diameter 5.71"
Top Mounting Depth 2.36"
Bottom Mounting Depth 2.71"
Mounting Height .59"
Tweeter Protrusion .43"

3-Layer Honeycomb Glass Fiber Woofer Cone :
The sturdiest material for speakers providing extreme stiffness which means no resonating or off-axis movement and less distortion.

Kapton Voice Coil Former :
Withstands extreme heat and provides excellent efficiency.

Nomex Spider with Woven Tinsel Leads :
For better durability and longer lifespan.

Laminated Silk Dome Tweeter :
Provides added firmness, cleaner frequency reproduction, and an overall wider range of sound .

Aluminum Cast Baskets :
Provides a superior structure for the woofer and will give the mid-bass extra kick without distortion, unlike traditional steel baskets that will resonate and kill sound quality .

AS Series Speakers